“A Time to Reflect” Series

IMG_3571A Time to Reflect #4

A Time to Reflect #3A Time to Reflect #2A Time to Reflect #1










With these three pieces, I wanted the observer to be immersed into a world that never seems to end; but at the same time, keeping him or her engaged. With one point perspective, this is just another way an artist can create depth and direct the eyes of the viewer to a part of the piece that has great importance. My process starts with finding the center of the paper, which is called the vanishing point and then drawing a horizon line. This line is what creates a sense of depth and brings balance to perspective. From there, I work from the center outward drawing multiple straight lines crossing the vanishing point in a circular pattern. The next step is to continue using multiple colors from light to dark, while keeping the sense of movement, depth and harmony in perspective pieces like these.

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