Artist Bio

Artist: Christopher McCall

Medium:  Chalk Pastel artist

I’ve lived in the Cincinnati/Dayton Ohio area for most of my life. I can remember as a kid growing up and always using my hands to create art in some form or manner. In high school, I took a couple art classes; but still, I had no idea what I wanted to peruse after I graduated. After high school, I worked in the film industry for 10 years. I worked with many companies, like Mc Donald’s, Butler Tech, The Maury Povich Show and others.

2014 proved to be the year of great change for me, as I explored the arts once more. It’s been three years now since I transitioned from video to drawing/painting and I don’t regret it for one second.

I’ve displayed my work in many art shows and festive events around the Cincinnati/Kentucky area. I’ve just recently attended my first art and music festival called “Rootwire, it was proven to be motivating and all inspiring. I continue to find inspiration through my art friends, festivals and the world around me.

When it comes to an art style, people have recently classified my work as being sci-fi. With this new art direction, I’ve created a challenging; but yet satisfying degree of detail and narrative to my work. I believe this improves the overall experience for the viewer and most importantly, tells a story.

I hope my work can inspire others to find their passion and live life with a meaning!





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