Artist Bio

Artist: Christopher McCall

Medium: Charcoal, Pastels and ink

Award Winning Piece, (Miss Matched)

I’ve lived in the Dayton/Cincinnati Ohio area most of my life, and I’ve always had a passion for the arts. Drawing has always been a passion of mine. It’s where I go…. it’s the place of my greatest joy no matter what’s going on around me.

I’ve been showing and selling my work around the Cincinnati, Ohio area for about two years now. I’m a self-taught artist with a style that really consists of perspective and landscapes. My favorite medium to work with is pastel, but I also use charcoal and ink. As an artist, I really want to challenge myself no matter what medium I use or what I’m trying to convey. When it comes to creating depth, texture, shadow and a sense of realism, I strive for excellence. Creating perfection in my work may show who I am as a person; but it also reminds me of how passionate I am about the arts!

Even though life has many distractions, I know art will always be there to pick me up and excite my creative interests.


Drawing is the honesty of the art. There is no possibility of cheating. It is either good or bad.

Salvador Dali

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